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03-12-2011, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
None. It's helpful to see them live but you can get to understand skill sets by watching them on a's other stuff you are likely to miss out on. I mean you can tell me all you want that you think Strome's skill set is better than RNHs but I'm not going to agree with you, nor am I going to care to try to convince you otherwise. You're entitled to your opinion.
Even though I think that Strome has the most potential this is, at best, an educated guess based on very limited information (production, clips, streams, limited live viewing.) However that's not what I was asserting here. I was pointing out all the things that he did that make him a top player. What's strange is that Strome was the best player on the ice and that made his stock 'drop' on this board; meanwhile Landeskog had a worse showing a week ago, but his 'presence' on the ice means he's better. Going by viewings against the same team Strome played a better game but isn't good enough anyway? On top of being 2nd in the OHL in scoring, only 17 etc. etc.

It's just odd to me that he doesn't get credit for what he's doing and what he's shown.

How about you? you are so quick to say Strome is this and that compared to the other 3 forwards, but as soon as MoO says something that goes against your crusade you confront him
What did I say exactly? The most I've said is that it looks like he has better skating than Couturier, comparable to RNH, he's bigger than RNH and I think he has the most top end skill. I've come out and said that I haven't seen enough RNH to truly say that anyone is better than him, but from what limited information I have I think Strome will be the best of this draft. I gave my opinion between him and Lando because I saw them both against the same team and Strome was better (and I think Ottawa played better against Niagara.)

Also what crusade, exactly? We're just debating the capabilities of a prospect. I'm asking for reasoning behind what is being said about him. I provided stats, and what I saw but I just get 'I just don't think he's top material.'

Anyway, as MoO said we're all entitled to our own opinions. Everyone knows that I think that Strome is the best prospect in this draft, but still maybe if I saw RNH more often I would think differently. This is based purely on what I know, have seen, and my 'extrapolations' based on what I've seen.

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