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Originally Posted by H2O View Post
Oh look, a drama queen. Don't call me a moron when you bring Spezza in your point out of nowhere just to show how emotionally attached you are to our players. Fans like me are interested to see players being developed the right way. Maybe it's detrimental to sit Karlsson here and there, but maybe it's good for him to see Rundblad learn on the fly and make mistakes, as their game are supposedly very similar. Only management knows. The point is, we can afford to play musical chairs with our D unless someone gets traded. Btw, just because you don't agree doesn't excuse you from sounding like a dick.
My point was that your not going to sit a potent offensive tool just because he isn't as effecient in his own end as a stay at home dman/checker. Spezza is the perfect example, he is a brilliant player that can take over games...when hes healthy. But Spezz led our forwards in turnovers pretty much every year since he came into the league. Some players are just bad defencivly. Not saying EK is that kind of player, i think he has shown enough presence defencivly this year that he will mature into a more rounded player. The fact that you think giving Karlsson time on the b-sens next year will have a positive impact on his progress to becoming a better player, and making this a better team next year is ridiculous. I don't know why i bothered actually replying to your post this time. You are obviously a pessimist who has no clue about player development.

If Karlsson's season didn't impress you, i don't know what kind of expectations you have for a 19 yo. OMGZZ Karlsson - Kuba pairing got lit up this year? on a lottery team? Karlsson only led our team in scoring his first full season? Lets let him sharpen his skills in the press box while we laugh at Brian Lee trying to QB our PP...

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