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Originally Posted by BlackNYellow View Post
Hey guys, so I am new here along with also being new to Ice Hockey, Hockey in general really. I am 22 (a little late to just be starting, I know :p) and I have been working a lot on my skating which has improved drastically. I got all of my gear a few weeks back (the rest of what was left to get, been getting things one or two pieces at a time). I also just started going to sticktime and pick-up games (as the pick-up games here in Arizona on the weekdays have a grand total of maybe 7 people total on a good day) and have been working on puck handling for the most part, and as of late have been taking my wimpy **** poor shots at the empty nets. Well long story short, I cannot get lift on my wrist shots which I am trying to learn, mind you it has only been a few weeks with a stick/puck combo for me so I realize I need to practice. But I just can't seem to grasp the concept of the lift.

I know to go from heel to toe (creating spin), shift the weight from my back to front or leading leg, snap the wrist (that is where I get lost, when people say 'snap the wrist' what exactly am I flicking or what does that motion entail?), finally the last part of following through and turning the blade 'over' in the follow through, how can one turn it 'over' when essentially you are trying to 'scoop' the puck to get the lift, unless of course I am completely wrong and there is no scoop?

Please if anyone has some pointers or tips I am open to all and any suggestions. I think I have watched and possibly read every article and used every google search term for a hockey wrist shot, just looking to maybe hear what has helped some of you guys out..

Thanks in advance!
Sounds like you're on the right track, mostly it just takes practice, but you're off on a few points. There should be absolutely no scooping with any shot, period, you will never get any power trying to scoop the puck. Just start with the puck well back and your weight on your back foot, slide it forward focusing on keeping pressure down on the stick so you get some flex, and roll/snap your wrists through the shot, especially at the end (the roll/snap is the same thing). When you execute it properly the puck naturally rises off the release, no need for any sort of scooping or chipping up motion. Through the shot you should be transferring your weight from your back to your front foot, you can also take snap shots off the inside foot but that's an advanced shot that you shouldn't worry about for now. Here's a good video of Kessel shooting in ultra slow-mo that shows how the puck naturally elevates without chipping/scooping, and also shows the wrist roll/snap at the end:

This is a snap shot off the inside foot, as I said above it's a tough/advanced shot, so don't worry about most of what he's doing, just take note of how he flexes the stick and snaps/rolls his wrists.

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