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03-12-2011, 09:48 PM
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Thanks guys! I will take all of your tips into consideration.

@mhkehoe - The stick that I am using is a Bauer One20 PM9 (go figure, the one stick you had mentioned you had troubles with, maybe I will pick up another wood stick and try different curves, or go with a shaft/blade combo)

@ponder - I will definitely try and not 'scoop' the puck I am assuming that with the flex kicking somewhat under the puck along with natural laws of physics (that make complete sense in my head yet I cannot explain here) the puck as you said will eventually 'lift' with enough force behind it, as for now my shot is WEAK SAUCE!

@kr580 - That last video of the 'flick/roll' motion was helpful and will try it out or practice that.

I think that I need to just learn the basic stickhandling first before I go to much further, yet still practice shooting.

Thanks again guys!

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