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07-29-2005, 09:24 PM
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I skated as a kid but never played organized hockey. At 33 I got the bug to get off my butt and do something so I got the gear, and signed up for my local beer league.

I hadn't been on skates for over ten years. I went to the draft skate and puked, even though I had done some hard cardio work a month leading up to the draft skate. As some one mentioned earlier Hockey players need the interval training for bursts rather that long term cardio stamina. ( unless your on my team where only six guys show up every week)

I wasn't ready to start when I did and that was the best thing because your never ready till you do it.

Just go play and have fun, everyone loves the people there who just want to have fun, and everyone laughs at the ones who take it too seriously.

I was the most self concious person I knew till I just jumped in and got over it. Iv'e been playing for 16 months now. Twice a week for the past 9 and at 5'8" I went from a soft 180 to a well defined 155 pounds. My wife can't get enough of me these days

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