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03-12-2011, 11:45 PM
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People forget, even with the goaltending, this team is designed to be a defense of no mistakes. They have to pretty much be perfect every night in order to get 2 points. I can see 18 shots in the 3rd period, but 4 goals given up is downright repulsive, especially for a defense that is supposedly deep. They choked. Either that's getting turned around, or it's not. Leino scores on the power play to take a 4-2 lead with less than 7 minutes to go. Teams poised for greatness keep that door shut.

In short order this has reverted back to how they were playing last March. They get worse as the game goes on. Loafing through large stretches of the games. The games they get leads in they just expect the other team to go away, and when they don't they're spilling their guts just to make sure they get 2 points (or in some cases, 1). I'm on record as willing to be patient for another week or so, but depending on how they respond to this, can't argue with those considering abandoning the ship. They don't play 60 minutes. Teams who don't play 60 minutes don't play hockey in May. The way they're playing right now, they'll be easy pickings in the first round like they were in 2009, especially if it's the Devils. Oh by the way, for the people who a month ago said it was impossible for the Devils to make up enough points and go 20-3 or whatever...they're 6 points out.

But they still have time to figure it out.

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