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03-12-2011, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Ryan Ellis Problems View Post
That's false equivalence. It's not Vanek shooting, and Miller's not Average Goalie #1.

That being said, Miller gets a lot of heat based on expectations people have of him that could be construed as unfair. He's probably not a top 5 goalie. But he's very talented, and at the time the Sabres had to pay him like a superstar to keep him. It's not Miller's fault he played out of his mind last year and became a star.
Let's play what if's, if Vanek sniped the top corner on the semi break away? Is Reimer at fault? Or is Vanek a better player than Clarke M?

This is the NHL, the excuse making for could of, should of's, is mind bobbling. Miller steals a goal from Lupul point blank, the d-coverage was average all game. Name a goalie that does not let in a soft goal.

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