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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
It stems from Jeremy Bentham's philosophy of diminishing marginal utility (utility here meaning a measurement of satisfaction).
If the happiness (utility) created by a lessening of tax burdens on those who make less is greater than the loss of utility suffered by taxing those with more at a higher rate then you set the tax rates based on income, increasing tax rates as income increases (progressive tax system).
/boring lecture
Oh, thanks, drag up bad memories from 30 years ago...

Yes, I get the theory, but my problem with it is it take RESPONSIBILITY out of the equation. I think all citizens should participate in paying for the services and privileges they receive. I also tend to think that it's not really about those that can "afford" to pay more should, but those that have been able to use the privileges and opportunities gov't provides have the responsibility to contribute proportionally to maintaining what we have and improving it for the future - which, done in ways other than taxing income, still has those that can "afford" to pay more paying more, it just ties the payments/contributions to how people actually obtain and use those benefits - or in Bentham's terms - the utility they receive.

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