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03-13-2011, 10:31 AM
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DL is in an excellent position this offseason as far as movable assets are concerned. A Mart playing as well as he has isn't completely out of the blue but due to his strong play he has earned himself a spot with the team or, is an interesting option to be part of a trade.

Davis is in a similar boat. I could easily see either one of these two moved which would make room for another kid to be given their shot at the team as a number seven. Another thing to consider is that we have desirable veteran D that could also be moved if the perfect package came along.

Though I doubt we would move any of them I would say that Scuds is the most likely deal among the three. The return would have to be significant but with the log jam we have at D something is likely to be done.

Any of our kids from A Mart down the line could be moved as well but, I see us as being a season away from actually doing anything to our current defencive line up for the Kings with the exception of moving Whiskie which I see as being likely.

Its up to who or what DL wants to target this offseason. We have an embarrassing amount of valuable assets to deal with should DL decide to do so.

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