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Georges Vezina

This isn't a traditional biography. There is simply one misconception I want cleared up. That Vezina benefited from "Kurt Cobain syndrome" where in, because of his death, he is viewed as better than he actually was. So I have collected a series of quotes, everyone before his death, and everyone from English publications. (French publications would potentially bias towards him.) This should get rid of any doubt of how he was perceived while he played.

Originally Posted by The Morning Leader - Mar 8, 1919
Georges Vezina, goalkeeper of the Montreal Canadiens, who is conceded to be the best net guardian in the game.
Originally Posted by The Border Cities Star - Nov 25, 1921
Another development at Ottawa was the signing of Clint Benedict to occupy the nets for the Ottawa team during the forthcoming season Clint is generally regarded as the second best to George Vezina of the Flying Frenchmen.
Originally Posted by The Montreal Daily Mail - Mar 17, 1916
George Vezina, the brilliant goal-keeper of the Canadiens, often said to be as good as two men, jumped into prominence when he joined the Habitants in 1911. Born in Chicoutimi twenty-eight years ago, Vezina started playing goals when a youngster. Manager George Kennedy witnessed a game in which he was playing in 1910, and immediately signed him up. Ever since he has played in front of the nets for the Flying Frenchmen, and today is one of the highest payed goal-tenders in the business.
Originally Posted by The Toronto World - Apr 5, 1916
Vezina, George: Goalkeeper, 28 years old, and from Chicoutimi. Joined the Canadiens in 1910 and made good on the jump. The most consistent goalkeeper in the N.H.A. and as clean a player as the game knows. His success is largely consequent upon the fact that he attends stricktly to business all the time, and never tries to pull any funny stuff.
Originally Posted by The Calgary Daily Herald - Oct 30, 1914
There ???(I assume "is a") strong possibility that the National Hockey assiciation will this year be without the services of its most brilliant goalkeeper, Vezina of the Canadiens.
This paper was poorly scanned, but it was about a proposed deal that when Lalonde was playing out West, Vezina would be traded straight up for him to bring Lalonde back to Montreal.

Originally Posted by The Morning Leader - Feb 26, 1919
...the goaltenders, who have demonstrated that they can stop the hard shots a la George Vezina and Hugh Lehman.
From a Regina paper, infers that Lehman is the class of the West and Vezina of the East.

Originally Posted by The Montreal Daily Mail - Dec 13, 1915
During the intermission he hustled George Vezina, recognized as the best goal-keeper in the NHA, into one of the Guards uniforms.
This was from an a game where NHA all-stars played an army team. For the third period, the coach of the army team (Vezina's coach on the Habs.) snuck Vezina into the army teams goal. Here is the scoring per period:
1st: 4-1 NHA
2nd: 5-1 NHA
3rd: 3-1 Army

Originally Posted by The Morning Leader - Mar 17, 1925
Number One Team- Goal, Georges Vezina; defence, Sprague Cleghorn and Hod Stuart (deceased); center, Frank Nighbor; right wing, undrafted; left wing, Tommy Phillips (deceased)
This was from a MacLeans article about the best Canadian hockey players. The article I'm quoting was critical of the list for East coast bias. And there were many things on the three teams that raised my eyebrows. But it is still useful to see how some regarded Vezina while he was alive.

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