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03-13-2011, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Yay third pairing minutes...!?!? really? And, no, Coburn was never that great away from Timonen.
Cool... so third pairing minutes are fine for evaluating Meszaros, but for Coburn they are meaningless. Awesome double standard.

Do you not remember the **** show that was the Coburn-Carle pairing a couple years back? Coburn got ABUSED last year when he was away from Timonen.
Coburn is a different player than he was a couple years ago, and no he didn't. His strong resurgence away from Timonen is partially what prompted Laviolette to promote him back.

Coburn has been playing well, but that doesn't mean he's fantastic. He's terrible offensively (terrible).
No he isn't (isn't). He doesn't take many offensive risks because he's focusing on defense, but he has become very effective transitionally in getting pucks to players who WILL take those risks. But oh no he doesn't get points!

Who isn't taking into account older seasons when evaluating Meszaros v. Coburn? Way to set up a paper tiger there.
You aren't. You talk about how Coburn and Carle sucked previous years but fail to mention how Meszaros has his own history of sucking when, oddly enough, given more difficult even strength assignments (imagine that).

Carle has played very well offensively at even strength... he's played like **** defensively... and the numbers back that up. For whatever reason behindthenet is messed up right now, but he has the worst GAON/60 of any of our D.
Given the toughest assignments. Stupid argument.

And who is saying Carle hasn't been fine? He has... he's been very strong offensively, but he's not very good defensively... them just the facts.
Them's not the facts. He's been fine defensively.

It'd be great if they could keep 'em... but if you're going to subtract players currently under contract for next year, who are you dealing before them? Larry44 would trade Mike Richards before Coburn and Carle, you too?

Right now, there's very little chance we can keep Ville Leino, for example (or sign another scoring winger). If you want to keep some semblance of our forward attack together, you're going to need to make some cuts... and we're spending a ridiculous amount on D right now.
Trade Versteeg, because he's terrible. Leino can be kept, and so can all 5 D.

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