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07-30-2005, 03:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust
What is with all the remarks towards Andy Murray's supposed dislike of enforcers? Some Kings fans have been taking shots at Andy Murray for not playing the tough guys. And I'm not just singling you out Reaper, but there are many out there who slam Andy Murray for this.

Lest we forget Andy Murray dressing Kip Brennan, Brad Norton and Ryan Flinn? Or how Stu Grimson was regularly used in the lineup. We have people making stupid claims that Andy Murray doesn't favor tough players... how does that explain Sean Avery being in the lineup just about every night? Sure he isn't a heavyweight but he is someone who isn't afraid of dropping the gloves and is a constant visitor of the penalty box (he led the league in PIM's... how soon we forget).

And it isn't too difficult to pickup an enforcer. There will be bunches of them available in the free agent pool and the Kings have a decent collection in Flinn, Avery and Cowan along with a few other scrappy players. There may be only one "heavyweight" enforcer in the lineup who may not play regularly, but I think the Kings have other priorities to address (such as top six forwards) over picking up a 4th line player who will see less than 5 minutes of ice time every night.
Anti-management like to piss and moan about any possible excuse for things not going their way. It's Murray's fault for not dressing an enforcer to stop the opposition from taking liberties on Allison, Palffy, Deadmarsh, Frolov, etc.

The fact of the matter is, Reaper's right when he said Andy Murray doesn't like enforcers who lack skill and skating ability. He doesn't want to waste a 4th line to go out there for 5 minutes and act like a bunch of mindless goons.

Likewise, he doesn't seem to like goon defenseman. When there are only 6 (MAYBE 7) defenseman on any given night, why have a defenseman act as an enforcer so he can spend 5 minutes in the box? That really stretches the line-up of defensive help.

Either way... there's apparently no reason responding with logic. Some people have just convinced themselves that AM favors a soft, Euro-style system which deems "fight" as a four letter word.

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