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07-30-2005, 07:38 AM
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Since my first release of the overall ranking two months are passed. During this period important new inputs were thrown in the mix:
-the valuable comments from other posters about the first release
-three new deep lists (Belgian, Dutch and Danish) and one more divided by birth years (French)
-the U20 WorldChampionships, with an eye-popping performance by a small left footed Argentine…
-some left games of the past season.
-the U19 Euro Championships finals.

For these reasons, as supposed back at the time of the previous release, I felt an update was necessary and I’ve now completed it, just within the fixed deadline (end of July) and before the start of the new season (only one game of Ligue 1 already played as for the big leagues).
This will be my definitive ranking for the ’82 limited class.
Of course my head was still full of doubts while compiling and still is while releasing it (btw, unfortunately RoyIsALegend never provided his promised help about players in La Liga), but it’s the nature of such things and, even if still aware of the unsurmountable difficulties, after having seen and known more about several prospects I have an increased confidence in this new ranking.
Nothing assures this list will be proven better than the previous one when all will be said and done, would be funny if not, but I am confident overall this should be the case.

There are five new entries if I’m not wrong and some big raisers. Two of them would have actually deserved even higher positions for the potential they showed at the U20 WorldChampionships, I am talking about Mikel (yes, he is elegible since he played in Norway this past season) and Quincy; But the fact they still have to be tested against top competition restrained me a bit.
There are some additions in the ‘honorable mentions’ and ‘very close’ departments as well.
(the reference page for the ‘not ranked yet’ players has been updated with the new names.
the links for HOL, BEL and DEN now point at the new Dutch, Belgian and Danish lists).

As for the most known guys, until #18 the ranking remained very similar, with one huge exception of course! Guess which?
The more you go down through the list, the more variations you will find. I think not many guys stayed exactly in the same previous position, but I kept that as starting reference.

And now, as hors-d’oeuvre, here come some thoughts on

-----------my marvellous ten-------------

1- Kaka : give him some space along with the adrenaline provided by big games and…good luck! Should improve ball protection, use more and refine long range passes. Great attitude and athletical tools.

2- Adriano: the only way he could have overcome Kaka was learning to use his right foot:no signs of improvement there.. could improve the anaerobic part of his game as well, he is too often motionless. One of the most powerful players ever seen.

3- Lionel Messi: a Maradonian left foot, great quickness, change of pace and intuition for the game. Already time for him to play regularly on Ronaldinho’s side. They just have to teach him to play more without the ball. Only relying on limited viewings (most against juniors) and size prevented me from placing him even higher.

4- Wayne Rooney: I resisted again to the temptation of placing Torres ahead. I like Wayne’s heart, it should keep high forever his motivations.. and fit his body. His talent is unquestioned along with what he has already accomplished at such a young age.

5- Fernando Torres: my feelings would put him at #4. Not sure Rooney athletical tools will improve (and not decrease with the years), while confident about Torres’ room for overall improvement.

6- Arjen Robben: Frailness more than talent or potential effectiveness is what made me scratch him from 4rth place competition.

7- Vincent Kompany: one of the most intriguing prospects i have ever seen. Heck, something like a Beckenbauer with less leadership but more skills is not out of question..

8- Cristiano Ronaldo: I feel like I was/am higher on his potential than most here. But I also feel like he represents a riskier pick than the first six guys.

9- Antonio Cassano: Going to Juve would suck from my point of view, but would really enhance his chances of fully exploiting his outstanding talent. (Capello, and a rigid, solid management).

10- Alberto Gilardino: this past season his overall play was far from previous year’s level.. as a result he has 23 goals in serie A on a sucking team.

Enjoy the whole, supposedly improved, overall ranking:
And don’t forget to post your comments! (in this thread)
Now I am hoping for at least a couple of more overall lists to appear in the future! (with the ’83 birth date limit)

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