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Originally Posted by PuckPike View Post
There is no way the Jets are more popular than the Giants.
It's not even close.
The Jets DO GET MORE headlines than the Giants, and they make more noise than the Giants, but that's the way that organization functions.
This is not accidental.
The Giants have always been the classy, quiet organization which has owned New York football. It would be unlike them and unnecessary to flaunt and act out like the Jets do with Rex Ryan.

Notice, the Giants never talk about taking over New York and they never flaunt about being the team in town. This is because they don't need to.
The Jets have classic little brother syndrome, they are insecure as an organization and constantly feel that inferior complex need to make as much noise as possible to get attention.

The Jets aren't more popular, they just get more attention because they create more attention because they feel if they don't the market will ignore them.
The Giants are solidy set as NY's football team due to them being here first (since 1926), being one of the most successful franchises (7 titles with 3 super bowls), and having a very loyal base.

The Jets sales of PSL's were much lower than the Giants despite cheaper prices. In part this is why the Jets have a loudmouth coach and why they signed a bunch of loudmouth big name free sell seats.

The Jets antics is something they do out of neccesity, which the Giants don't.

Don't confuse louthmouth soundbites with popularity.
The Giants are easily number 1 and will remain that way for the long haul due to history and tradition. The Jets base is on Long Island. Everywhere else they are the minority.

Oh, and the Giants haven't choked. They have 1 less win the last two years than the Jets, and if you think the Jets are Super Bowl primed, you're wrong.
They've got an old team, with many free agents. They have trashed talked into having a bulls-eye, and nobody in recent history has made it to the Conference Championship in three straight seasons.
If you ask me, the Jets chances were these last two years because it's tempting the odds to suggest they will make it back to the conference title game again.
They missed their shot at the Super Bowl, nobody gets three straight cracks in this NFL anymore.
Big time misconception the Jets are not old. The Eagles did it less than a decade ago and the bills less than a decade before them...seems every decade there's a team that hangs right there and just doesn't knock the door down...of course it would end up being the g***amn Jets. Still the Jets have a lot going for them, some elite D talent (namely Revis) a top 5 O line (better if they shore up the LG/RT but Brick, Mangold and Moore are three all stars). Great young TE, a so far good young QB who's been great in the PO's. Great WR.

Ironically they need better D. Bart Scott was ahorrible singing. Maybe he brought swagger but for 7 mil he's a dime a dozen. Money was better spent elsewhere. The combined failure of Jenks and Gholston kept that team from a super bowl. The boost a 6th overall should have provided and/or an all pro stalwart DT...remember how Pitt just gutted the Jets that first drive with the run? Doesn't happen if those two had lived up to the billing/money. You upgrade the D line you win the super bowl last year. Pouha and De vito (Sione especially) were fantastic and played solid but the other two were suppossed to bring a dominating presence and an actual pass rush.

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