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Originally Posted by Norm MacDonald View Post
Well, you're right about it not making a critical analysis. If you're saying that playing on the 2nd unit of mediocre special teams is more important than top 4 minutes with.
It isn't necessarily... but Meszaros is more than capable of filling Coburn's role. It's the fact that he plays the PK, too, that is actually important. Unlike Coburn and Carle, he plays in all situations for this club.

There's really no convincing you. If you want to see Coburn as a bad player, there's nothing I can do about that. Fortunately, Laviolette knows his value which is why he keeps giving him important defensive assignments.
Lavi makes the best set of pairings he can. Coburn has not worked away from Timonen, so keeping him with him makes logical sense for the team... Timonen dictates their matchups, not the other way around.

This sentence makes no sense.
There was a typo... you can work through it, I'm sure.

So annoying. Every defenseman's primary contribution to offense is in the transition. Timonen+Coburn does that well. He's making the right decisions and moving the puck even if it doesn't translate to assists. And referring to it as "scoring goals" is just weaselly on multiple levels.
No, Coburn does not do that well. The team does not score much when he's on the ice compared to others, and he does very little facilitate the team scoring.

And there's nothing "weaselly" about tying offense to scoring goals... the point of offense is to score goals.

No, bad. And if he's overpaid, does that make Coburn and Carle REALLY overpaid, since you think they will be cap casualties? I doubt many would agree that they are.
Yes, they're both overpaid too. Roughly similar amounts all things considered.

Why can't both players contribute? You argue like a child.
Says the person that said, "Versteeg's face." Moreover, that comment doesn't even make sense.

Both players do contribute... but the point was that Carle gets lit up defensively when he's on the ice... his partner does not. Why is that?

Puck possession is both offense and defense. And even if you think Meszaros is some golden god, it should be clear Sean O'Donnell is our worst defenseman defensively.
I don't think Meszaros is some golden God, I just think he's more valuable to this team than Carle and Coburn.

Matt Carle gets scored on more than OD. A lot more. Carle is a better D all-around because he produces more offense.

Versteeg's face.
If homoerotic smut is your thing...

I want you to sit and think. Do you seriously think a mediocre third liner is worth more than a D who plays 20+ minutes a night? Flyers can, and should, keep all of them.
And, if by some crazy reason, they have to trade one, it should be the one who is most easily replaced. That would be the one who matches up against ****ty players on the third pairing.
So, I guess the real problem is that you really don't understand our salary cap situation and/or roster.

Versteeg is not a "mediocre 3rd liner." There aren't that many guys in this league that post 20 goals consistently.

So, here are the sub-top 6 talent that you have to pick from to trade that are under contract next year: Betts (700K), Shelley (1.1M), and Lappy (1.16M and won't be traded for obvious reasons). We have 10 forwards under contract... only 9, really, when you account for Lappy most likely not playing.

So, again, you need to take the time to go through the roster and their respective contract. If you want to argue that Meszaros should be moved rather than your man crushes, that's fine, but Larry44's original point remains idiotic.

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