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03-14-2011, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by ButlerFutureSniper View Post
The witty sarcasim lost its punch when it was repeated for maybe the 3rd time, I can't stand it to be honest. Just kids flooding the boards with useless posts.
Originally Posted by AWJ View Post

Although some witty sarcasm might be nice.
Originally Posted by guyzeur View Post
Agreed, with every new thread I start reading half way on the 2nd page.
Originally Posted by Suiteness View Post
It would help if the Stamina thing was funny but it's not.

The Lion thing a few years back was cute though.
Yep. Its amazing that the mods allow EVERY thread to be spammed with this crap, yet HFBoards thinks we cant handle some barely even naughty words, or punishes you for daring to post ANYTHING on an opposing teams board, or (goes on for 30 lines)

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