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03-14-2011, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by saints96 View Post
Im sorry, but i went to both days, and day 2 was 1000x better than day 1. The sound was just brutal the first day and most of the bands on the second day gave a way better show than the bands on day 1. Problem is a lot of metal fans are old school fans(as i was a few years ago) and wont give the newer, scremo/metalcore bands a shot. You'd be very suprised on how talented, melodic and catchy some of the bands really are, e.g last year(alexisonfire, avenged sevenfold, atreyu)
wow dude
day 1 was so much better with slayer, megadeth, high on fire, mastadon, halford, fear factory, skeletonwitch, anvil etc

Lets be serious here.
Korn is finished, as irrelevant as ever.
Rob Zombie i must say is fun.
LOG was awesome.

The rest was ok, some decent bands like hatebreed/shadows fall, but overall is you enjoy classic metal, day 1 was master.
And its coming from someone who doesnt mind newer metal like in flames, COB, 36 crazyfists, etc.

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