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Originally Posted by Canadian_Brewtality View Post
I agree that the musicians themselves have become better & that can be attributed to better technology & music industry as well. Musicians have to be top notch to survive the failing industry.

But regardless, classic metal IMO had better melody, song structure, icons & overall presentation. Now bands that you like in metal can be great for 2 years, then write 3-4 bad records back to back, then tour on old material, etc etc.
I like COB, but its like listening to the same albums over and over sometimes.

But im in the minority for my age, most friends i know prefer stuff like A7X, and all that other "stuff".
i agree that classic metal had catchier melodies and riffs and thats because they were a lot simpler and in music ''less is more'' goes a long way in terms of writing hits. But you would be surprised on some newer metal bands on their catchiness, and of course the talent level is unreal. At the same time one must be able to tolerate screaming because most of the metal-core is half screams half singing. Best example i can give is Bullet For My Valentine. If one likes Metallica, Pantera and Iron Maiden you will absolutely love BFMV as they are heavily influenced by these 3 bands. And on that point, i love listening to newer metal bands because in most of their work you can actually pick out which bands they were influenced by and its nice to see that the metal Gods; Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, Pantera, In Flames, Slayer,etc have had their influence on all these younger metal bands and not necessarily having these newer bands sound at all like their idols.

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