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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Bodom formed somewhere around 93 and in flames was in '90. LOG and a lot of other bands like to call 'classic metal' formed later. Classic metal for me is something like metallica, but the term doesn't mean much. A lot of north americans qualify 'classic metal' or bands that play something close to 'classic metal' just by them being thrash-ish.

New metal or 'nu-metal' is something like what limp bizkit, korn, slipknot etc. (although slipknot shouldn't be there)
im glad you have a nice definition of metal, but ive been listening to it longer than you have been alive likely.

Classic in terms of time lines: ie, sabbath, maiden, slayer, megadeth, etc, but they also encompass, thrash, doom, BWOHM, etc. But for purists, they all fall under the classic folder.

Although bands like LOG bring the pantera esque sound & image qualities, nothing will ever beat the originals!

Nu-metal & "newer" metal also is different IMO. But both can be one and the same. I consider bands like Devildriver, Black Dahlia Muder, Goatwhore, etc good "newer" metal, but far from Nu-metal like Korn.

Point being, lets get the bands on the festival already so we can complain about something.

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