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03-14-2011, 03:32 PM
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I just wanted to post this in here....

Today I was visiting and saw their mini-video player had a clip lined up to watch the Montreal Canadiens discuss hits to the head and the glass at the arenas. So...I clicked on the video, of course....I had to endure a 30 to 45 second advertisement first.

The ad was for the UFC...where in about 30 seconds I got to witness about 8 to 10 severe concussions inflicted on purpose, the entire time I was told how awesome it is.

Sort of puts things in perspective I thought. Hockey's "concussion problem" or "head shot problem" is pretty minor. But, I'd like to look into this more since sponsors are starting to get involved.

Can anyone give me a list of serious injuries suffered this year as a result of illegal hits? Specifically hits to the head resulting in concussions? Thanks.

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