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03-14-2011, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by predfan24 View Post
To be fair to Franson if your a D-man and you get a shot blocked right in front of you it doesn't really matter who you are if the guy who blocked the shot is able to play the puck cleanly he's gone. Of course getting the shot blocked in itself is a bad play but you have to think Franson takes more shots than any D-man not named Weber. It was bound to happen eventually. Usually Franson is excellent at getting shots on net through traffic.

That being said the SOB-Franson pairing has looked scary to me over the last few weeks. I've been saying all year Franson's D weaknesses have been overstated and I stand by that comment BUT the last few weeks I think he truly has lived up to his reputation. Tons of defensive gaffes lately for him.
The problem was he had time to shoot, decided to wait and then shot. He had a line and didn't take it.

You're right, guys will block shots and there's nothing you can do to catch them but if he's the last line of his defense, he needs to realize this, make a safe play with the puck and move on. He's been in the big time long enough to know he should've either shot sooner or dumped the puck to the corner. Even if we lose possession on the PP, the breakaway probably doesn't happen.

And yes, that pairing has been scary. Luckily Trotz has been playing Weber and Suter close to 30 minutes a night so we don't have to watch the 4-55 combo be so dang scary. It's like a train wreck waiting to happen every time they hit the ice.

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