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03-14-2011, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Dantes19 View Post
Why is it difficult for some people to understand that a player's on-ice leadership ability and playing skills do not guarantee success as a front office executive/coach?

Just because a guy was a good leader (or a "winner") during his playing days doesn't mean he will be a good GM. I thought this was just common sense by now.
Not to knock you off your brilliant high horse, but it also doesn't mean he will be a bad coach or GM. What was that about common sense?

Originally Posted by Dantes19 View Post
It's apples and oranges. Playing hockey and leading a team on ice vs. Being GM and constructing a team to be a winner. Those tasks require very different skillsets.

I don't understand why you would blindly "trust Mess" to run this team when he's shown no ability to run anything. I understand that you said "in the future", but you didn't give any kind of reasoning as to what makes you so confident that he'll be a good GM.
Yeah I guess being a and also THE leader of 6 Stanley Cups is nothing. More common sense?

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