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07-30-2005, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by King'sPawn
Yes, because Montreal is filled with guys ready to drop the gloves. And how badly were they hurt? Or is it the absense of a goon that caused Koivu to get cancer? After all, once team toughness is there, nothing bad can happen to your team, right?

I agree that an enforcer serves an important role to the team, providing team toughness, swaying the momentum, etc.

However, to equate a goon's presence with # of injuries is just silly, and it's getting old.
Well, we can exxagerate the situation all we want. We're seriously beating on a dead horse here.
I know that most injuries can't be prevented with a true heavyweight in the line-up. But some can definitely be avoided. Brooks Orpik against Tim Gleason? Green against Lubo? Sutton with Allison?
Mark Recchi gets hit the wrong way by Havlat and the whole team including Hitchcock puts a bounty on the guy. These are my points! Every team protects their assets. WE DON'T! Simply because the guy can't skate. It's a load of ***** if you ask me. Four scoring lines also under AM is just as lame.

Just answer me this? Say somebody goes after Frolov? Let's say the latest Duck Todd Fedo*****. He hurts our player, and a star player at that. What message are you going to send to.
A.) Your team
B.) Their team
C.) The rest of the league

We're just not feared, and it's painfully obvious. I just hope AM proves me wong this year.

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