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Originally Posted by DubiSnacks17 View Post
What moves are those? Last I checked, Messier was run out of town after the 1997 season (the last time the Rangers made the playoffs before the lockout), then Soupie was fired the next year, then Muckler came in, then him & Smith were 3 years later. By the time Messier came back in 2000, the team was already in the crapper. Only a couple years later, Leetch would become injury prone and Richter was already there. The team was in the pits.

What? I think you're thinking of Colin Campbell. Messier has said many times that he loved Zubov and that he thought that Zubov was one of the most talented guys he's ever played with. Soupie thought Zubov was soft and a headcase.
The moves that doomed this franchise during the 97-2004 dead era were made PRE 97.

Forcing a Young Nedved out of town without giving the kid a fair shake.

Yes, he can say now all he wants about wanting to keep Zubie, but he lobbied for Ulfie in the worst way. Nedved and Zubov for Ulfie and Lucky Luc = Brutal trade.

We can also look at the miserable Ferraro/Norstrom/Lappy/Lafayette for Kurri/McSorley/Churla

Then we can look at the signings of both Keane and Skrudland to "show" messier that we were serious about continuing the "push"

The pre-cup, we ship out King and Domi for Eddie O, who played 103 games for the NYR in 3 seasons

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