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03-14-2011, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by redwhiteandblue View Post
Was going to not reply, but as I had said Wilson lost the puck (which was his fault). My comment was more about you implying he wandered aimlessly toward the net etc. I felt I had to correct that statement, as you must have missed that part.....(it was bolded for that purpose)
the aimless remark was hyperbole to make a point. while he wasnt "aim;ess" he WAS late getting over to his man and in his hurry to catch up to him he screened pekka AND deflected the puck in..

if you dont think Wilson screwed the pooch on that play go back and look at Pekkas reaction... he wanted to clobber Wilson... and i think Weber pretty much chewed him out too.

Wilson needs some pine time.

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