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Originally Posted by goman View Post
The phrase "never happy" comes to mind when I read all the responses.

First, these are steps to address concussions, not headshots, so responses like "I don't see how this will reduce the number of headshots" just show you're not reading anything, you just want to complain.

Second, just because this came from Gary Bettman doesn't mean it's stupid. There is some solid stuff in here, including the need to properly examine players after a concussion is suspected, equipment reform and facilty safety standards specifically related to reducing concussions.

As for the team penalties and "blue-ribbon" panel...well, we'll have to see. I still think it's the players responsibility and saying a team should be penalized seems to suggest teams want their players to head hunt, which I don't think is correct or fair of the NHL to imply. And the blue-ribbon panel is the sort of thing that could end up meaning nothing but at least they have former players who are familiar with today's game involved.

Everyone wants to blame the NHL and Bruins but it's long been reported that the glass in the Bell Centre is the hardest, least forgiving glass in the league. And it's now been well documented that the Bell Centre is one of only 2 NHL rinks to have that piece of glass there. Clearly, the team can do more to increase player safety, and they should.
Headshots lead to what exactly?..Broken legs?

Headshots and Concussions go hand in hand, I really don't understand how you defer both.

Those set of rules are good, but they don't touch the issue at hand.
If you need a test from a Doctor before stepping on the ice when having symptoms of a concussion, well, you already HAVE a concussion. So, there's no prevention.
Fixing the equipment seems a lot more like a joke than anything. Even in the NFL with much better helmets, they don't prevent concussions.
Fixing the arenas?..Well, that still doesn't touch all of the many situations that resulted in open ice. Also, many teams already have better hit-absorption glass.
Fining the coaches and owners for repeat offenders sounds like a rule that will be left for interpretation again, which seems to be the biggest problem revolving around the hits leading to concussions. How Savard, Richards and Chara escape suspensions made absolute no sense. It was actually contradictory when looking at other players that did get suspended for similar hits.

Having a small committee to ''further address the issue'', whatever that means, isn't reassuring either.

As many said, this seems a lot more like a ''let's do the minimum to appease the masses''.

To me it was simple. Give clear and strict punishments for hits involving the head. Make it extra clear so that it will never be left for interpretation. No matter the intent, you get a clear suspension. The players will have to start using their heads and be more careful, ya, boohoo. When someone crosses the street without looking at incoming traffic or the lights, people will slow down regardless because nobody wants to kill a jaywalker. So, if someone skates with his head down, down aim the head. Doesn't mean you can't deliver a good shoulder to shoulder hit, but make sure the head is not the prime target. Simple and clear.

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