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10-12-2003, 04:59 PM
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A look back at Tucker vs Peca

I know everyone has their opinions on this hit and I'm curious to see what everyone here will say, I'll post this on the Islanders board too.

I was watching Leafs TV over the summer (if you're a Leafs or Islanders fan, you have to admit that was a good series) Anyway, I was listening to the american comentators when Tucker threw that hit on Peca, they were saying that the hit was clean "Peca was admiring his pass", it was unlike Peca not to see that comming because he's usually the one throwing big open ice hits. I distinctly remember them saying that Tucker was in no way trying to injure Peca and that the hit was completely legal - although at the time, they didn't know the extent of the injury. Oh yeah, they also said that it looks like Peca's thigh was injured at the time.

The next night, the following game was on Leafs TV, again the same comentators, but a completely different approach to that hit. They said that Tucker was looking to injure, he should be suspended and it was a "dirty" hit. I believe that the hit was completely legal, it was unfortunatly that Peca was injured and the rules have since changed. I just though it was a joke to hear these comentators calling Tucker cheap and dirty right after they said the hit was legal (after seeing it over and over again on the replay) and that Tucker was going for his knee. It actually made me laugh out loud, beacuse it was as if they had forgot about their statements because the game was a few nights earlier. I had just watched the other game though so it was fresh in my mind. No offence but some comentators really blow.

Just want to see if you guys think it was fair or what and compare it between boards.


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