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Player converted coach/GM resulted in a Stanley Cup for the Rangers once in their 85 year history.

Frank Boucher, after winning two Stanley Cups as a player for the Rangers, became GM and coach, and lead the Rangers to the 1940 Stanley Cup.

It doesn't happen often, with great success.

Typically, the guys who make the best coaches, are the guys who were not prominent players. Usually guys who make great coaches were role players, who learned a lot from watching the game, working hard to get what they could, learning game.

Herb Brooks comes to mind.

Being a great coach doesn't mean having the most bragging rights from their playing career. Often when a player was great, he makes a poor coach/GM. Its a different perspective, dominating on the ice contrast to leading those players from the bench.

Being a great coach can come from anyone, anywhere.

A great coach is like a great psychologist, tactition, student of the game, and leader, rolled into one.

A great GM is all that, plus a great business man.

Can Mark Messier be all that? Maybe. Who knows.

Should the Rangers put faith in a guy with no experience at either GM or coach at the pro level/junior level/college level, at a very critical stage in the team's development?

The short answer is no.

What ever faults Sather has/had, he's done some good things, the team is going in the right direction, and they need experience at the top right now.

One day, down the road, maybe Messier can step in. Before that, he should gain experience in both coaching and GM at the lower levels first. CHL/NCAA/AHL. Gain success there. And then think about moving up the ladder.

Not every situation will be akin to the Yzerman situation. He had a mostly constructed roster there in Tampa with Stamkos, St. Louis, Lecavalier, Hedman, and so on. He didn't have to do all that much. He didn't step in and build from scratch. There was a ton of talent there already, and a lot of the right kind of veteran leadership.

The Rangers are a young team on the rise. A couple bad decisions could derail that.

Now is not the time for an inexperienced GM/coach.

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