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03-14-2011, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by trtaylor View Post
Righthanded and only play hockey lefthanded. Everything else is righthanded.
Same here.

theguru, that's not true at all. As mentioned before, it's the technique that matters, not brute strength. Plus I see the bottom hand as more of a pivot point more than the source of the power.

And Kings, I've seen plenty of people say (people as well as articles) that Canada is about 70% left-handed in hockey while the US is about 70% right-handed. Seems to me that since hockey is rarely a first sport for anyone in the States, everyone seems to think you play the same as other swinging sports (namely baseball and golf). Once you play for a short while I doubt it matters, you'll be just as good either way with practice.

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