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03-15-2011, 01:55 AM
Jules Winnfield
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I'm righthanded.

I play hockey lefthanded, swing a baseball bat lefthanded but throw right handed, swing a golf club left handed.

I throw a football right handed but played defense in high school/early college and gave my line coaches fits. I would line up with my left hand down instead of my right (which with your left hand down is something a left handed person would do).

Coach: "Boy what's wrong with you? You left handed?"

Me: "No."

Coach: "Then why the hell do you line up like your left handed? You won't get your full strength to push off if you lineup like that."

Me: "I'm not sure, Coach. I'm comfortable lining up like that. I don't feel comfortable the other way."

Coach: "Line up the other way. If you're right handed, you'll get better results."

after the results leave me coming off a step later than usual

Me: "Coach. I'm just not comfortable lining up like that."

Coach: "Oh the hell with it. Do what works for you."

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