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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Mark Messier is in his 2nd season as a member of the Rangers front office. Steve Yzerman had 4 seasons in a similar role with the Red Wings. Joe Nieuwendyk became a GM after a couple of seasons doing what Messier is doing. The ownership situation in Dallas has hurt his flexibility to make major moves. He took a chance on Lehtonen and he has played well for them. Nieuwendyk took a beating for the Neal trade but Goligoski has been the better player so far and Benn has thrived with the extra responsibility with Neal in Pittsburgh. Yzerman didn't have decision making responsibility in Detroit but he has done very good job with TB...
I understand what you're saying, but part of what concerns me is this:

--Nieuwendyk essentially learned under Cliff Fletcher and Brian Burke. Fletcher may not be the best GM in the world, but Burke is at least respectable & has somewhat recently built a team that won a Cup.

--Yzerman learned under Ken Holland, one of the best in the business.

--Messier is learning from Glen Sather, who I would argue is one of the worst GMs in the business.

I know that doesn't guarantee that Messier would be a terrible GM or a Sather clone, and getting experience is surely a good thing, but learning under Sather seems pretty questionable. I would worry about our next GM to be Sather-trained, or potentially having the same sort of outlook on how to run a team.

Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Messier's cronies? You mean Brian Leetch who would like to be an assistant coach in the future. We don't need him working with the defense because he is Messier's crony.
I would just want to make sure they get the most qualified person possible for any potential opening. If it's Messier or Leetch, great, so long as they're the most qualified person for the job. At this current point, I would have to wonder if that would actually be the case.

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