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03-15-2011, 09:31 AM
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Originally Posted by goman View Post
Seems like legislation to prevent headshots + measures to prevent concussions that occur from things other than headshots is the right way to go about addressing the issue. So now let's see the NHL's plan to prevent headshots...
I think the current situation surrounding the measures to prevent headshots and concussions is quite nicely presented in Globe and Mail article (sorry if that has been posted already.

I doubt that anyone would per se be opposed to measures that would remove headshots. But as discussion around the topic have quite nicely demonstrated, very many fans and apparently also league officials / owners / GMs do not want to change to game in order to achieve the goal (and to an extent rightly so).

The difficult question will be: how can such dangerous plays be reduced with minimal affect to the game in other regards? I think that league does the right thing if they look the issue carefully, what seems to be the purpose of the new committee.

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