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03-15-2011, 10:56 AM
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I've been trying to get back into working out since the new year started...which has less to do with it being the new year and more to do with moving into an apartment that offered me the room to work out.

After being on and off with p90x, I've decided to take up running instead, and do supplementary weight lifting where possible. I run a 1.6 mile trail for now (sometimes I'll go around it twice). I'm just doing time-based runs, trying to do better day by day. On day one, it took 20 two, 16. Today was 16'22".

A friend at work has lost almost 70 lbs since September...he is more or less the same size/body type as me and is almost under 200 lbs. I was tipping the scales at 258 when I started my latest bout of dieting/exercise (I'm 6'2"), and never would have thought it was possible for someone my size to get under 200 lbs, but now I've decided to go for it.

So far I'm down to 249. 9 down, 49 to go....

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