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03-15-2011, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by dingbathero View Post

It was thought that it would be high in cholesterol, as they do range 'higher' in cholesterol they aren't bad if you don't have a history of cholesterol - I eat about 5-6 eggs daily... I usually boil them and eat 2-3 yokes - which is fine... I've had tests from Dr's. my C level is fine.

What workout plan you on right now? Anything?

I'm doing stronglifts 5x5, see how far I can go. It was weird to start using NO weight.
What I'm doing now is probably pretty light compared to what a lot of you guys are doing. I'm just doing half my body, every other day. But at 5'10, 140, going regularly has shown itself as more important than a particular plan.

Originally Posted by KimiFerrari View Post
Eat the yolk! It has pretty much all the nutrients of the egg, and unless you are going to eat something like 5-6 eggs a day, then I would suggest removing the yolk for calorie reasons.

Unless you have a previous condition, and you are directed by a physician to lower you cholesterol intake from food, then you shouldn't worry.

Dietary cholesterol and Blood cholesterol are different things, you body produces roughly 85% of it on its own, so you really shouldn't worry about your dietary cholesterol unless a doctor informs you.

There is nothing wrong with cholesterol, it serves a function in the body, just like vitamins and minerals, but too much of anything is bad.
I've been eating four every few days, keeping the yolk in one. My mom's side of the family has heart conditions (both grandparents), and that's the side I'm more comparable to. I simply don't want to fall subject to that "Well I thought I was being healthy, how was I supposed to know?" crowd.

This part's probably in my head, but I've felt better doing it this way too.

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