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03-15-2011, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by gregor View Post
Has there been any word on whether the Sabres have begun beefing up their scouting staff? If so, does anyone think it will have any impact on this year's draft?

Where do you think they need the most improvement? I'm guessing more European scouts in general considering their last few drafts but Europe is a big place and I don't know much of anything about their scouting there.

Basically any information would be good information to me.
Outside of Bo Berglund, they do not have anyone else specifically in Europe. They not only could use more bodies on the ground there, but getting people to view those Jr B/Tier II levels like the AJHL, BCJHL, etc.... would be a solid move too since those leagues are starting to put talent into team's systems. Buffalo has a solid presence in the CHL, though another Maritime based scout would be interesting as the Maritimes seem to be a growing seat of offensive Canadian talent (see MacKinnon).

The other thing that might be in their best interest would be coordinating their pro and amateur guys since the way it has been explained to me, the pro guys are looking at the UFA talent coming out of amateur leagues (particularly the NCAA guys).

Terry did mention in the pre-game HNiC program that they will be adding more scouts as part of building the hockey department. How long that takes... ? *shrug*

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