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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
It's not really 'dishing the dirt', but I thought it was a very nice video of 8-10 ATD players.

I would recommend taking 10 minutes of your time and looking at the full video. If not, my summary if you just want to skim through it:

- You can see Viacheslav Starshinov speed at around 1:30. Was it VMBM that said something like: ''he was slow, but not dramatically''? Anyway, seems to be accurate.

- Lennart Svedberg at the 2:10 time is very impressive. Big guy with decent skating, beat two Russian player on a nice move and a great pass for a goal. Wow!

- At around 4:00, you can see just how impressive #13 Boris Mikhailov and especially #16 Valeri Kharlamov are. Very nice play. They are the best two players during that whole video.

- You can see Mikhailov speed on a breakaway at 5:20 and his overall impressive skillset afterwards. Far more than a 'glue guy', using ATD term.

- On a side note, first time I see a goaltender (Sweden) playing with an helmet with no facial protection!

- I was looking at this video, mainly because of my new acquisition, Vladimir Vikulov. You see him once in this, at the 7:40 mark, but wow! Great speed, soft hand, mystify the defenceman and beat the Swedish goaltender with a nice backend. I had to see it twice to fully appreciate the play. On a side note, Vikulov also beat T.Esposito in the Summit Series in Game 5 with a nice backend shot. Perhaps it was a weapon he liked to use, although we obviously cannot draw conclusion on two goals!

- Last but not least, #10 Alexander Maltsev at around 8:00 that completely mystify the Swedish defence to score a very nice one!


Hope some people enjoyed it!

Starshinov may have been past his prime by 1970, although I don't know if it had had an effect on his speed or not. In the lone game he played in the 1972 Summit series (centering Maltsev and Kharlamov), he looks very slow. I'd like to see more games from the Sixties...

Mikhailov's skating/speed does look pretty impressive in this vid, but I've never been overly impressed by him as a skater; maybe the opponent (good but not great) makes him look juuuust a little bit better than he was. He couldn't do quite those things when he played against Canada

Kharlamov was actually #17

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