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03-15-2011, 01:47 PM
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The league's major "selling point" is on-the-edge spectacular but reckless hits. Those make up the promotional videos and commercials.

The league won't dare instating automatic suspension of a couple of games, let alone 20-30 games. This is unthinkable for them.

It all comes down to what the league wants as an identity. Right now, its identity is one that ressembles extreme sports, WWE wrestling and MMA. So it will remain closer to a fringe sport than a "major league" sport.

Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Bettman is just doing this to keep as many sponsors as possible.

Headshots (ex: Cooke on M.Savard, and Chara on Pacioretty): automatic 20-30 games and/or way more.
Violent Knee on knee: automatic 20-30 games and/or way more.
Hitting from behind: same thing as the above...
And if this doesn't improve the NHL, then make it 30-40 games...etc,etc...

Players who injure others have got to pay the price. 20-30-40 game suspensions and more, and also missing playoffs is what is needed. These players are known throughout the league. Pronger, Carcillo, Cooke, Chara (gets away with a lot), Gillies, Lucic (gets away with a lot)...

Bottom line:
players cannot go for the knees anymore. No more headshots. no more hits from behind. No crosschecks. the price.

The NHL also has to be aware of players who are seeking REVENGE:
Bertuzzi wanted revenge.
Chara wanted revenge on Pacioretty (2-3 months now).

Cooke will continue doing what he does.
Chara will get away with it again.

Boston will keep losing and then injuring players as revenge, and...they'll get away with it.

The NHL can suspend players for making comments about ''sloppy seconds'', but find excuses to let criminals like Cooke and Chara continue without strict suspensions. Doesn't ****ing make any sense whatsoever.

Even if someone dies on the ice the NHL will say ''it was a tragic accident...we don't believe the other player was intentionally trying to injure or kill the player... this is just an unfortunate accident...''.

And enough with Colin Campbell: his time is up...get 10 ex-players (Lady Byng winners like Ron Francis) to hand out lengthy suspensions to all the animals out there. Clean up this game.
Let the hockey players play hockey and get rid of the 3-4 wild animals on each team.

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