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And of course discussion of the VALUE of certain sources over others is relevant too. Sturm had some good points to make in this regard elsewhere.

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
... a culture of bad research methods in the ATD... hilarious credulity when dealing with historical documents and on the embarassing list of materials.. call[ed] sources.
Sturm also wonders about the difference between being a historian and fanboy.

I am a fanboy. But... but... at least I don't pretend to be a historian! I use whatever sources are available. I have been living in a foreign country that hates hockey for nearly a decade (South Korea) and have had no access to a public library. If I could, I would be signing out history books right and left and citing them in bios galore. Instead, I have had to settle with using online sources. This means some online copies of historical books (good) and newspapers (sometimes good), and organizational sites like HHOF Legends (not so good) and blogs (outright bad, from a historian's perspective, as a source of information, like organized gossip). I have contributed greatly to the culture you describe I think. Seventieslord did sell me a couple dozen history books a few months ago (I paid him $500 to ship a box full I'd picked out from his vast collection). I have cited some books occasionally, but haven't done as much as wanted to yet, this coming year being the plan.

Blogs are better than nothing imo, and there are some decent ones out there by history buffs.

Chidlovski's Soviet hockey

Pelletier's Greatest Hockey Legends


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