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03-15-2011, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by darko View Post
No they aren't. Their future looks promising but Pap probably isnt part of that future. Despite 45 points there are quite few people on Isles board that are sick and tired of him. The guy is a turnover machine.

I could care less whether PAP is or is not part of the Isles' future...but I find the idea that what people on the Isles board think about this is in any way relevant to whether PAP stays or goes kind of're not seriously suggesting that the management and coaching staff of the Isles are going to look the postings on an internet message board for guidance on whether to keep PAP, are you?

His 45 pts will count in his favour, his turnovers will count against him...and the opinions expressed on HFBoards won't count at all...

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