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Great Expectations
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Guess Who 2

Each picture is made up of sub-pictures that sound out a players name. See if you can guess who they are. Players may be past or present and Rangers or not.


pictures of famous people are usually used for their real names, characters they play, or something they are famous for.

If there is just a regular person in the picture than most likely the clue has to to do with something else about the person or picture. Something they are doing or wearing or the look on their face.

Sometime letters make sounds but sometime they are just letters.

Objects can have multiple names.

I'm older than many on this board so some of the references maybe out dated to some.

I tried not to use a picture more than once throughout the game.

Some of these will be easy some will not. Some will make sense others may not.

I tried to copy the sounds in a players name as close as possible but some sounds are nearly impossible to represent thru a picture and so the closest sound I could represent with a picture was chosen. I also sometimes I did this if I thought it made the puzzle slighltly harder or easier.

And finally, please excuse me if my percieved pronunciation of some of the names is slightly off. Cut me some slack!.

Here we go. I'll list 2 players at a time in my next post and give 5 minutes or so between picture sets. PLEASE do not quote pictures!

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