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Credit to HHH for much of this:

Does size matter in professional hockey? Not to Martin St. Louis. The diminutive winger is listed at 5-9, but thatís probably with his skates on. Once he hops over the boards, however, Martin is a monster, as he employs a devastating combination of speed, smarts and spunk to terrorize bigger opponents.

No one, however, was more important to the fortunes of the Lightning that Martin. He sharpened his all-around game so completely that ******* felt comfortable using him in any situation. The winger was often at his best on the penalty kill. He was such an offensive threat that opponents sometimes forced themselves into mistakes. In a 4-2 win over Boston, Martin set a team record with two goals and an assistóall short-handed.

Early in the year, ******* gathered his players and asked for more offensive output. Martin stepped up and accepted the responsibility. His leadership was just what the Lightning needed. Tampa Bay played with spirit and confidence all year long, and actually got stronger as the season wore on.

In the playoffs, Martin ratcheted up his intensity and his production once again. Tampa Bay beat the Islanders on his blistering slapshot in overtime of Game Five, then dumped his beloved Canadiens as the Lightning advanced into previously uncharted post-season territory.

Martinís greatest asset is his speed. A dedicated and fearless worker, he also isnít afraid to bang around in the corners or take his lumps in front of the net. Not that Martin hangs around one place too long. His ability to dart into the slightest opening forces teams to be ever vigilant, and this in turn creates opportunities for his teammates.

Martin is one of the better conditioned athletes in the NHL.... Bigger opponents try to wear him down with physical play. Of course, they have to be able to catch him to do soóand thatís no easy trick.
Built as sturdy as a jersey wall and with thighs the size of mountain stream boulders, St. Louis relies on durability and speed.

One of the NHL's shortest players, St. Louis is also one of the best, earning a spot on this year's All-Star team.

St. Louis never used size as an excuse and never wanted to prove anyone wrong. He just wanted to prove to himself he could play in the NHL.- USA Today, Apr 26, 2003

ASSETS: Has great speed and shiftiness. Is extremely durable and versatile. Likes to create plays from the wing position. Is a dangerous penalty-killer and possesses the heart of a lion.

FLAWS: Doesn't score as much as he sets linemates up, so he could stand to be more selfish. Also doesn't have ideal NHL size.

CAREER POTENTIAL: Elite scoring winger. -Hockey News Bio
St. Louis is fast and skilled. He can create plays and finish them. He can change a game with one rush down the ice. For most of last season, he was portrayed unfairly as a human-interest story more than a hockey story by those who wouldn't take the Lightning seriously. St. Louis was never drafted and is listed generously at 5-9. Doubters said he couldn't consistently compete in the league, adding that it would be a a good story while it lasted.

Well, the story continues -- and it's getting better. St. Louis was the best player in the league most nights this season and the best on a team that won its first Stanley Cup. For that, he should win the Hart Memorial Trophy as the player most valuable to his team. On a team on which controversy crops up regularly, mainly because of goaltenders Nikolai Khabibulin and John Grahame and center XXXXX, St. Louis was the rock. When the team slumped in December, St. Louis asked coach John Tortorella to give him and the other top players more ice time. They would get it done then, St. Louis said.

Tortorella gave St. Louis what he wanted, and St. Louis met Tortorella's challenge to rise to the occasion. St. Louis averaged more ice time than any other forward on his team and was the league's leading scorer.

St. Louis had played went without a point in as many as four straight games only once. Other than that, he never went more than two.

He led the league in shorthanded goals, making Tampa Bay's penalty-killing unit dangerous offensively while keeping the opposition's power play handcuffed.-The Sporting news via NBC Sports, June 10, 2004
I've said it many times in the past and I continue to maintain that Martin St. Louis is the heart and soul of our hockey team- Jay Feaster, Tampa GM, from USA Today, Apr 24, 2005
Marty means so much to this franchise, both on and off the ice. His hard work and dedication are unsurpassed and we are thrilled that he will finish his career in Tampa Bay.- Steve Yzerman, Tampa GM, from

The Toronto St. Pats are happy to select, a fantastic, fast, two-way playmaking RW...


Awards and Accomplishments
1 x Stanley Cup Champion(2004)
1 x First All-Star Team Right Wing (2004) *If he continues his pace, Martin St. Louis will likely add a FAST in 2011, as he wold have scored the most points amongst RW.
2 x Second All-Star Team Right Wing (2007, 2010)
5 x All-Star Game Participant(2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009)

1 x Hart Memorial Trophy (2004)
1 x Ted Lindsay Award (2004)
1 x Art Ross Trophy (2004)
1 x Lady Byng Trophy (2010)

Hart Voting: 1st, Top-3 Finish, 14th
Selke Voting: 4th, 18th

Goals: 4th(2004), 5th(2007), 20th(2003), 25th(2010), 33rd(2006), 37th(2009),
Assists: 1st(2004), 2nd(2011), 5th(2010), 7th(2008), 9th(2007), 17th(2009),
Points: 1st,(2004) 2nd(2011), 5th(2007), 6th(2010), 12th(2008), 16th(2009), 28th(2003)

Playoff Goals: 4th(2004), 4th(2003)
Playoff Assists: 1st(2004)
Playoff Points: 2nd(2004)

Percentages of 2nd place scorer (rounded to the nearest whole number)
Goals: 93(of a 3-way tie for 1st), 86, 69, 65, 57, 57
Assists: 100(tied for 1st), 100, 94, 88, 71, 70, 56 Total: 579
Points: 108, 100, 89, 86, 78, 73, 67 Total: 601

Long-Term Percentages
From 2003-2011, St. Louis is 8th in goals(86% of 2nd place Ovechkin and Iginla), 3rd in assists(89% of 2nd place H. Sedin) and 2nd in points(90% of 1st place Thornton). He is 20th in GPG, 13th in APG, and 10th in PPG all while playing the most games of anyone during the time.

From 2006-2011(lobbing off his best year), St. Louis is 14th in goals(72% of 2nd place Kovalchuk), 5th in assists(80% of 2nd place Sedin), and 5th in points(88% of 2nd place Crosby). 30th in GPG, 9th in APG, 15th in PPG while playing the 3rd most games.

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