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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
Yet he never has at any level. 80 points is an elite player. Elite players don't need all those circumstances to be elite players.
I feel you need more than one season of something like 80 pts to be elite. I mean really a guy like Dubs can have 1 80 pt season 1 elite year but not actually be elite. Plenty of players have done this before. It's silly to be so definitive...especially since Dubs gets better every year and gets hampered with a significant injury the last few years. It's easy to see where he may one year have a top notch 70-80 pt year. it's hard to see he becomes elite and does it year after year after year.

Originally Posted by hightide85 View Post
as Motley Crue said: It's the Same 'Ole Situation....

Every year it's the same story... everybody knows it. You'll hear every excuse in the book. You'll hear how young we are and that we're rebuilding, you'll hear it all. The truth is our players aren't that good, and haven't been in 12 years with the exception a Jagr-fueled few years.

Nothing new, here....nothing new at all. Just a ton of average players and one overpaid, underachieving softee on the IR.
Sooo you think our team isn't young? Cause if you don't that';s don't know what you;'re talking about but that's fine. I think you are attacking fans for no reason in order to make yourself sound good. So when jags was around we were young and rebuilding? When we brought mess back we were young and rebuilding? When we were winning in 94 we were young and rebuilding? I mean could youa t least pinpoint a general era in the last 25 years we've been in a similar situation? Did we get soime high draft picks in early 00? Yea but we had players who asbolutely sucked and got paid plenty. had nothing to do with getting young or rebuilding. We tried to buy wins through FA exclusively and we blew at it. We drafted early and sucked at it. All the while having useless vets and overpaid vets...not young guys...not drafted guys...vets. Lundmark, Brendl, Blackburn, Jessiman never played for us( 1 season). The last 12 years are so not even comparable to right now it's not even funny. Yet people keep making the same lazy comparisons over and over b/c they can't stand having to wait for players to develop (amusing for HF)

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