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The Philadelphia Firebirds select a their 3rd line RW, completing what we believe will be a very solid two-way line that can check and also score a good amount, RW Johnny Peirson

2x NHL All Star Game Participant(both merit based)
5x Top 17 Goals(5, 7, 9, 16, 17)
4x Top 18 Assists(11, 15, 16, 18)
5x Top 18 Points(8, 10, 10, 17, 18)
3x Top 10 Goals in Playoffs(6, 6, 10)
1x Top 2 Assists in Playoffs(2)
2x Top 10 Points in Playoffs(3, 10)

During peak (1948-49 to 1953-54) among all players:
4th in goals(behind Howe, Richard, Lindsay)
15th in assists
7th in points(behind Howe, Lindsay, Richard, Ronty, Kennedy, and Lach)

During Peak (1948-49 to 1953-54 among RW):
3rd in goals(behind Howe, Richard)
3rd in assists(behind Howe, Richard)
3rd in points(behind Howe, Richard)

Peirson made the Bears team in 1947 and impressed immediately. He would end up splitting the first couple of seasons between the Bears and the Bruins.

By 1948 Peirson became a regular for the Bruins for the next decade.

"I would say I was above average because I was a better balanced player, a forward that knew how to back check. The only thing I wish I had done was to work more diligently on my upper body strength because I would've been a better player. I lost a lot of battles and wasn't able to do what I would like to have done from the point of view of strength. But I had some defensive skills as well as being able to find the net sometimes."

Peirson hit the 20 goal mark 4 times in his career, a very solid achievement in 1950s Original Six hockey. In 545 career games he scored 153 goals, 173 assists and 326 points.

He added another 10 goals and 26 points in 49 career post-season games, but the Bruins never would win a Stanley Cup with Peirson on the roster.

Peirson quickly evolved into a useful player who could backcheck, strive for team-oriented goals and harvest his share of points. He cracked the 20-goal barrier four times during his eleven years as a Bruin.

But Peirson's goal scoring talent ensured his varsity status. He often played alongside Paul Ronty and xxx, giving the Bruins one of the league's better offensive units. In 3 seasons, the black haired sharpshooter scored 68 goals.

From 1948-49 to 1953-54, Peirson was the go to guy, scoring 20 or more goals in four seasons in an epoch when a 20 goal scorer was roughly equivalent to a .300 hitter in baseball.

"The older I got, the better I played," said Peirson, who played a major part in the Bruins 1952-1953 playoff success. Johnny totaled 3 goals and 6 assists for 9 points in 11 games. His 6 assists ranked him second best-teammate Fleming Mackell was first with seven-of all playoff performers.

At 5'11" 170 pounds, Peirson could never run over the opposition but played the game hard...He was strong enough to last a decade in the bigs.

The line I played on-with Johnny Peirson and Fleming Mackell-got hot and we defended very well against Howe and Lindsay.

High scoring players such as center Fleming Mackell and right wing Johnny Peirson kept the Bruins in the hunt for the Stanley Cup almost every year.

Peirson had two careers with the Boston Bruins. He spent ten years as a solid right winger, four times scoring 20 or more goals, and had 27 goals in the 1949-50 season.

When it came to the discussion of the strategy and tactics involved in the game, Peirson was prominent...His knowledge of the game, and how individuals should play, was a given.

The line of Fleming Mackell, Ed Sandford, and Johnny Peirson spearheaded the Beantown attack...

Among the younger guys was Johnny Peirson, who was from Montreal and had gone to McGill University for a year. John was the right wing on my line. He was an astute hockey player; a smart right handed shot and a good skater who played his position well. I'd call him a thinking man's hockey player-always watching what the other guy was doing to offset him. I liked playing with Peirson because I knew pretty well what he was going to do when we were on the ice.

First concrete news regarding the Boston Bruins for neat year is the signing of the "muscles line," Paul Ronty, Johnny Peirson and xxx

Little xxx and Paul Ronty passed the disk to their linemate, Johnny Peirson, who banged it home in front of the cage

The #1 forward line ranking has been taken over by the fleet and shifty Paul Ronty and his high-scoring wingers, Kenny Smith and Johnny Peirson.

18 months out of hockey did not slow up Johnny Peirson. The Boston Bruins can still depend on his scoring punch...Peirson, one of Boston's top scorers before his retirement...

Johnny Peirson, the sharpshooting Bruins right winger...

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