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Credit to HHH for a number of the quotes:

Siebert was one of those few players who could do it all - excelling both as apower forward and an all star defenseman. You don't see that any longer! He was as strong as an ox, making him nearly impossible to stop. In addition he added very good skating abilities with good straight-ahead speed. He was very responsible defensively and though he never had the scoring exploits of his famous "S" Line teammates, he was an underrated shooter and a skillful playmaker.-Joe Pelletier
Stewart was the natural scorer on the line, and Smith was the passer, but Siebert was equally well known for his rushing, his sheer physical strength and his relentless backchecking to get the team possession of the puck.- Legends of Hockey
The Babe would become embroiled in fistic battles. Perhaps he would suffer penalties, earn the disfavor of the crowd by his bruising style of play. Perhaps the game would make him seem like a crude and uncouth person, rough and brutal.

From the dressing room, the Babe would stride along the promenade until he reached the chair where his fragile bit of an invalid wife sat. Bending down, he would kiss her, then he would gather her up into his great muscular arms, stride out of the rink, and deposit her carefully in a waiting car that would take her home to the kiddies that he adored so much."-Montreal Sportswriter Elmer Ferguson, via Joe Pelletier bio
Although Siebert was originally a rover, a hockey position held over from an era when the game employed seven players per side, he was later used as a defenceman. Considered exceptionally strong, making it difficult to stop him in his tracks, 'Babe' also had outstanding skating skills.

...Nels Stewart was the goal scorer, Hooley Smith was the playmaker but Siebert was the digger, using his physical strength to spring pucks from opponents in the corners, then backchecking relentlessly in order to lug the puck back into the opposing end. using his physical strength to spring pucks from opponents in the corners- Legends of Hockey Spotlight by Kevin O'Shea
Having lost a step, Siebert moved back to defense where he not only held his own but actually improved his game, claiming the Hart Trophy as league MVP. Renowned for his offensive rushes and his outstanding defensive coverage, Siebert had eight goals and 20 assists in 44 regular season
Blessed with a powerful body and broad shoulders, Albert "Babe" Siebert played hockey with a great deal of heart and determination. He was certainly not afraid to use his body, and while he racked up penalty minute totals, Siebert was a complete player whose career as a Montreal Canadien included winning the Hart Trophy as the best player in the league.- Canadien Legends: Montreal's Hockey Heroes by Mike Leonetti
The Toronto St. Pats are happy to select a powerful, all-around, versatile player...

Albert "Babe" Siebert!

Awards and Achievements
2 x Stanley Cup Champion (1926, 1933)
1 x Hart Trophy (1937)
3 x First Team All-Star Defensemen (1936, 1937, 1938)
1 x Retroactive James Norrs Memorial Trophy (1937)
Captain of Montreal Canadiens 1936-1939

Hart Voting: 1st, 3rd

Goals: 8th(1932)10th(1926), 18th(1931)
Assists: 6th(1927), 9th(1937) 10th(1928), 11th(1932), 12th(1930), 20th(1935)
Points: 8th(1932), 11th(1926), 18th(1930), 19th(1928) , 22nd(1931)

Known Scoring Amongst Defensemen (Siebert spent time as a defenseman before coming to Montreal: how much is uncertain, or if he spent ful/majority years as a defensemen, which would expalin some of his up and down scoring in his earlier days.)

These represent his scoring, compared to defensemen, during his AST (as a defensemen)/Montreal years(I assume he was a defenseman in his last season in Montreal, when he was not an AST).

Points: 1st(1937), 2nd(1936), 4th(1938), 6th(1939)

Goals: 62 (of a two-way tie for 1st), 57, 53
Assists: 66, 64, 61, 56, 54
Points: 78, 66, 58, 53

Known Points Amongst Defensemen: 112, 91, 86, 61

Long Term Playoffs
From 1936-1939(Siebert's certain time as a defenseman), Siebert ranks 5th in points amongst defensemen (behind Shore, Horner, Seibert, and Pratt), and 3rd in PPG amongst 5+ playoff game defensemen.

Siebert's seasons on Defense
Siebert, who rotated between LW/D, is a bit tricky to pintpoint time spent on defense. He was almost certainly mostly a defensemen in his 3 AST's and his last season in Montreal, when he wasn't an AST. But what of before?

Sturminator shows that Siebert did rotate on defense this year, not actually playing much on the famous "S"line, someone else playing with Stewart and Smith. The post to this can be found here:

Will attempt to expand. He also seemed to have played at least half the 1928-29 season on defense.

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