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03-15-2011, 08:39 PM
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Awesome posts and great tips from all of you as usual!

So today I did a pick-up game that was more or less stick time, a whopping total of 3 people. So we did some passing, shooting, skating, etc.

I was working on my wrist shots as I have been, I had a fellow there who allowed me to try his stick, whether it be that it had a bit more flex than mine or that the curve was a lot more than mine was, I was able to get some high, 'lifted', wristers. So with that being said, I take it with me being a smaller guy and that, that flex was a lot less (80-85) as compared to mine which is near 95-ish, I was able to get more flex or whip and actually be able to flex the stick.

Kind of a lot of ramble, mumbo jumbo above, basically the fellow had a Warrior Bandito stick with an 85 flex and a Toews curve. I have a Bauer One20 PM9 (not much of a curve at all) with a 95 flex. Any ideas as to why with one stick with a lot more flex and a larger curve I was able to lift almost without effort? And should I go get a stick with a larger curve such as his? Or would that be bad practice?

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