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03-15-2011, 08:55 PM
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Just use whatever curve you feel most comfortable with. The PM9 is indeed a very flat curve, great for backhands and slappers, but for puck handling and wrist shots a deeper curve can help. Keep in mind that your preferences could change as you improve, if you're just learning I'd keep purchases cheap, buy something better when you know just what you want. Honestly an 85 flex Sherwood 5030 wood stick with a Coffey curve might work well for you, it's a very whippy stick (definitely feels whippier than your average 85 flex composite IMO) with a real big curve, and is only about $30. If you're a smaller guy and just learning a 95 flex is indeed pretty stiff, it's gonna be hard for you to get much flex out of such a stiff stick (though honestly it's gonna be hard for you to get much flex out of any stick until you get nice and comfortable on your skates).

Curve and flex are all personal preference, but in general lower flexes and deeper curves will tend to be better for wrist shots, and stiffer flexes and flatter curves better for slap shots.

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