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03-15-2011, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
Good time to start a Dubinsky/Wolski debate...while Dubinsky is all over the ice leaving his imprint on the game in some capacity as he normally does - all while Wolski watches from the pressbox.
Hahahaha. Yes, the moment I saw the opening lineup, I knew that the Rangers were going to win, because it was so clearly set up to come back and haunt me.

(And while Dubi did play well, almost all the forwards did - I didn't think he was the particularly dominant force in the game that you apparently thought he was. I thought Boyle, Prust, Callahan, AA and obviously Gabby were all more impactful.)

Originally Posted by genericnyrusername View Post
That is complete bunk. I just showed you in my last post how Dubi has been the FAR superior OFFENSIVE player, forgetting about all other aspects of the game. I took Wolski's numbers since he's been here, and Dubi's numbers for THIS YEAR and extrapolated them to a full 82 so we could more easily compare them. Facts don't support your preconceived narrative.
You just re-emphasized the cherry picking nature of your comparison! Compare apples to apples (i.e. same time period, preferably the most recent one) and, if the numbers back you up, you've got a point. But you don't - the whole basis of your argument relies heavily on Dubi's white hot first couple of months, which goes a long way towards mitigating his very mediocre play for much of 2011.

If we're going to take random periods from the past, then why not go back to Wolski's stretch this time last year when he was a PPG over 18 games after being traded to the Yotes and then went on to score 4 goals in 7 PO games? Clearly based on those numbers he's a PPG player! Now, let's compare that to Dubi's first 19 GP this year, when he had 18P in 19GP... wait, he's a PPG player too! Holy cow, our offense is a juggernaut!

(And by the way, if you eliminate those 18 points in 19 games from months ago, Dubi has 27 points in his 46 most recent games, which extrapolated over 82 games is... *cue eerie music*... the same 48 points you extrapolated for Wolski based on his 27 most recent games.)

Again, I'm not trying to say that everyone's favorite son Dubi is a bad player. In fact, I think he's a very good (but not great) player. I also think that Wolski is a very good (but not great) player. Although their skillsets are different, they are perhaps the closest parallel on the team - the same age, the same size, brimming with untapped potential and plagued by inconsistency. Yet one receives blind adoration and the other is already being written out of next year's lineup. I just don't get it.

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