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Originally Posted by Korpicowski View Post
Honestly, I think its bull ****. I said it in the other thread. The roughing penalty at the end wasnt great, but it was essentially meaningless. It was a 4 goal game inside 5 minutes. Tortorella just looked like a hot head.

John Tortorella obviously has a vendetta against Avery. He even said it on TSN a few years ago. Tortorella has essentially destroyed Sean Avery. He was a very effective player.

The two other calls in this game were BS. The Islanders player turned his back a split second before the hit. Incidental contact caused the goalie interference.

Everyone here has cried about Avery not being the same. Well that player takes penalties, and bad ones at times. Tonights penalty would have been bad if it was a 1 goal game. But it was a 4 goal game.

Also, if Tortorella did not want anything to happen towards the end of the game, why even put Avery on the ice? Im sure he should understand that players are more likely to do stupid things when they have a big lead.

The main point is that John Tortorella obviously overreacted. If it had been ANY other player, would he have flipped out like such? I say no.
I think you're blowing this out of proportion way more than torts blew the penalty out of proportion. how does everyone keep forgetting that when Torts first came here and avery was playing well he was constantly on our top two lines? He's playing bad, he doesn't seem to do much anymore, he doesn't even draw penalties like he used to. He just never seemed to learn how to make smart plays unless he was also making dumb plays and I can't blame Torts for not tolerating it. Even this year when he's played well he got rewarded with top ice time and first line minutes with gabs. It's unreasonable to claim there's some agenda against avery when he's a player for this team and gets good ice time when he plays well. Avery has been a fav of mine for years. He's just lost a lot of whatever made him, him and you can thank Bettman, the refs and the POS front offices for that not Torts.

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