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03-16-2011, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Fitzy Duke of NY View Post
A few posters here have very strange defense mechanisms when it comes to Avery. Folks don't like chippy, physical hockey? Here are the recent NYR players I have disliked greatly;


Here are my favorite players;


Notice anything? The players I like are both physical, and can play hockey. Guys I dislike take dumb ass penalties, can't play hockey, or like to dangle around the place and turn the puck over.

It has nothing to do with Surf's agenda against "Video game nerds" rather, it has to do with getting a player 29 other teams in the league wanted nothing to do with, off of the ice in key situations.

How many of "Averys antics" can anyone say legitimately won us a playoff series? 0. We swept Atlanta, steamrolled over them, and Avery only scored one goal. We beat New Jersey in five, so Avery's contributions were hardly a turning point there. He almost lost us a crucial game in the Washington series, if anyone recalls, by pulling similar stunts when we were only up a goal.

He is gone after this year hopefully, and rightfully so. Tortorella loves his physical players. What he doesn't like is a guy who leads the league in minor penalties on a consistent basis.
Defense mechanism is a good word for Avery supporters, but whats funny to me is how this has evolved

2009: What are you talking about?! Avery is an integral part of the team and the Rangers need him to win

2010: What do you expect?! Hes a third/fourth liner

2011: What he did tonight was not bad, and heres why....

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