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03-16-2011, 01:13 PM
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True and fair enough. I had considered China when I was writing my post but decided against mentioning them because of their fixed rate policies. They are a major player without a doubt but since they purchase at the same rate (depending on negotiate rates which in my experience typically ends up being very similar to everyone else) I left them out.

In the end though if we are exporting petroleum in order to sell it to a country for a higher rate then we originally bought it for then doesn't it stand to reason that there should be some return to the consumer in this particular situation?

I see our govs being complicit with the petroleum industries for many reasons but then they are only part of a bigger problem so in the end it doesn't really matter who takes all of or most of the blame. That's why I say that there's enough blame to go around even including and down to the individual consumer.

Fortunately for everyone there are alternatives to petroleum that can be used to ameliorate the situation.

Like my rickety water system and my neighbors geothermal (and now my own as of yesterday) power system. I will go home to being pretty much off the grid.

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